« Pourquoi SVE à Vienne va rester toujours une expérience agréable et  stimulant pour moi »

Why EVS in Vienne will always remain dear and challenging experience to me

Pourquoi SVE à Vienne va rester toujours une expérience agréable et  stimulant pour moi

Lucia Sobekova
23 March 2016

First moments

I still remember how nervous and curious I was when I landed at Lyon’s airport for the first time in September 2012. Eugenie was outside for me with her car together with another volunteer and I was wondering how will I survive half an hour ride from the airport to Vienne without understanding a word of what they were saying. Soon I got more relaxed. Once we were approaching the city, I realized how welcoming they were to me and I got a feeling that the year in Vienne will be something memorable.

Social life

And that was the way it went. I was living with Jana, another volunteer from Germany and we shared a lot about how our life had been changing in France. I met also many local people; find a Lithuanian friend and met many others in Lyon and started exploring the region.

Project of EVS

I enjoyed the most the work with young people. It felt that really empowering to share my EVS experience with high school youngsters from Vienne and motivate them to travel and explore the world. I did a lot of workshops at the high schools to promote the opportunities that young people have nowadays to study or work abroad. My personal project was also very similar in this sense. I invited ten other young people from across Europe to share with young people from Vienne what motivated them to travel and become active Europeans.


As time passes, I think often about returning to Vienne. I keep a vivid memory of Vienne as a place where my colleagues helped me to grow personally and they were the second family for me for almost a year. My EVS was also a great time for me to slow down and think about my future. I will be always thankful for this opportunity.